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Houston Based Metal and X-ray Recycling Company 

We are a Houston based equipment, scrap, and metal recycling company servicing the industry on a national scale for 10+ years. We also buy industrial and medical x-ray films in large quantities from anywhere in the United states.


We value building long-term relationships with our commercial and industrial clients. Our metal recycling experts in Houston strive to provide professional, convenient and profitable recycling and disposal services.

(713) 443-0192
7941 Katy Freeway #336
Houston, TX 77024


Our list of acceptable
metals & x-rays:

  • Steel

  • Iron

  • Copper

  • Brass

  • Cast Iron

  • Lead


View a complete list of metal equipment and parts we purchase.


The team at Certified Surplus Metals is highly trained and very knowledgeable in all aspects of metal and x-ray recycling. Our Houston facility can handle any job, no matter how big, small or heavy!! Give our scrap metal buyers in Houston a call today and we are ready to answer any questions you have. 

Recycling metal in Houston has many environmental benefits to our local community:

  • Annually, scrap recycling reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 410 million tons! 

  • Recycling scrap metal reduces emissions significantly compared to using iron ore. 

  • The recycling of one ton of steel at our Houston scrap yard saves 2,500 pounds of iron and 1,400 pounds of coal! 

  • People and animals can be injured by scrap metal, which is an environmental hazard. Scrap metal recycling from our Houston team can remove these dangerous metals.

  • Approximately 410 million tons of carbon dioxide are saved each year through scrap recycling around the world!


Turn your old X-rays and Metals into products and get a recycling or disposal quote today from our metal recycling experts in Houston!

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