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We Buy Electrical Carbon Brushes from Turbines

We are 100% HIPAA Law Compliant!   

We are interested in purchasing your worn or old carbon metal slip ring brushes in any condition. Carbon-Metal brushes are those that have a metal such as Iron, Zinc, Lead, Silver, Copper & Tin impregnated or agglomerated into the carbon-graphite matrix. Wind Turbine brushes contain graphite, nickel, copper, silver, tungsten, tin lead, zinc and iron. Our carbon brush recycling center processes wind turbine, motor and generator brushes, and more brush types down to their fundamental elements.


Metal graphite carbon brushes for electrical motors are often made from natural graphite and fine metal powders. Copper is the most common metal processed at our carbon brush recycling center, but silver, tin and lead are sometimes used. Metal graphite brushes are ideal for many applications due to low resistivity. Metal graphite brushes are used on commutators of plating generators that have low voltage and high brush current densities. They operate on rings of wound rotor induction motors where high brush current densities are also found. Metal graphite brushes are used with grounding brushes because of their low contact drop. Graphite recycling is great for the environment and valuable.

We pay cash for your carbon metal slip ring brushes.


Vestas, ABB, and Siemens-Gamesa have the highest value.


How to determine if your wind turbine, motor, or generator Carbon Brushes have Recycling Value at our facility:

  • Brushes with metal content are usually 5-10 times more expensive than standard graphite brushes.

  • Brushes with metal content will always be heavier than plain carbon brushes.

  • Brushes that have metal value when processed at our carbon brush recycling center are usually in signal transfer, weather exposed, corrosive areas or in low voltage, voltage drop situations.

  • Brushes that have metal content have a lighter color than a plain carbon brush.

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