A Leading Buyer of Chemical Equipment and Power Plants of all types of Machinery in Texas, Louisiana, and nation-wide.


We provide a comprehensive range of products and repairs for GE, Simmons, Westinghouse and Alstom & other gas turbines or repair capabilites catered directly to the latest styles and parts.

Our Services Include:

  • Metal Processing

  • Pick-up Services

  • Metal Waste

  • Roll-Off Service

  • Equipment Recycling

  • Demolition and Recycling Services

We are an American owned machine repair company.  We have been in the servicing industry nationally for more then 20 years and value above everything else our long term relationship with our clients.


We purchase all types in large quantities. Including Precious Metals and all Alloy Metals. We specialize in working or non-working machinery and equipment such as: Oil-Filled Transformers, Gas Turbine Parts, Turbine Blades, Heat Exchangers, Chillers, Tanks, Electric Wire, Valves, Centrifuges, Titanium, Tantalum and more.


We believe that our Knowledge, Experience, Pricing and Prompt Service surpasses that of our competitors! No matter what your current refurbishing/transport arrangements are, we ask that you consider Certified Surplus Metals to repair all of your equipment. We offer the best pricing, quality and service. We pick-up in the 50 US States.