The Smart Way to Recycle Industrial & Medical X-Ray Film

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We are 100% HIPAA Law Compliant!  


X-Ray Film

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Contact us to schedule a pickup. We pickup your x-rays within 4 business days of contacting us.

We pick up your old x-ray films at your site anywhere in the US and recycle the films in an environmentally friendly manor with almost 0 materials disposed in a landfill, we also provide payment for the silver we recover from your x-rays.


All X-Ray films are destroyed, we will provide a certificate of destruction for your medical and any other X-ray films you might have, our certificate is HIPAA compliant.



We work with:

  • hospitals

  • imaging centers

  • chemical plants

  • pipeline companies

  • power plants

  • industrial companies

X-Ray Recycling

Certified X-Ray Recycling is one of the largest x-ray recovery companies in the United States. We have been in business for over 20 years. We are an all green, environmentally friendly company specializing in the recovery of silver from X-ray, lithographic and industrial films.

  • Our trained technicians will purge the files free of charge, separate the jackets, shred any documents, and destroy the films recovering all silver.

  • Our knowledge, experience, FREE containers, customer service and prices offer a package that we believe surpasses all other offers. 

  • We will pick up all x-ray films from all the file rooms in the hospital or off-site facilities free of charge.

  • We pay TOP price for your outdated x-ray films. You will receive prompt payment. Certificates of destruction are always available upon request.

  • We work WORLDWIDE and are one the LARGEST x-ray recycling companies in the U.S. 

  • We work with Iron Mountain, Recall and many others.

  • We store x-ray film with 24 hour security and we scan all files call for pricing.

  • We purchase ALL industrial x-rays from chemical plants, power plants, and pipe companies. 

  • We purchase old outdated X-Ray Films and will accept them in the jackets, recover all silver, separate all paper from the jackets and shred all documents for your protection.

  • We can perform the purge in your facility, file room or off-site facility FREE of charge. All mammograms and pediatric films will remain at your facility and will not be removed according to dates.

  • We can save you thousands of dollars and help you gain more space in your facility.

  • You receive prompt payment from us after your film has been recycled and destroyed per HIPAA regulations (Certificates of Destruction are always available upon request).

  • We also process all precious metals!