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Wind Turbine Recycling

How long do wind turbines last and how to recycle or dispose of them.

Wind turbines last an average of about 25 years. Wind turbine farms with aging equipment can't keep them because they are too expensive and they need the space for new, updated turbine technology. Leaving them there to rust or letting them end up in landfills is not a winning solution when wind turbine recycling is an available option. Wind turbines are made of metal, and metal can be recycled. So how can you recycle old turbines and how much compensation can you expect to receive?


Wind turbines are made mostly of metal, with a small percentage of other materials. The three main metals used in wind turbines are steel, copper, and aluminum. Steel is used for the tower, blades, and other structural elements. Copper is used for wiring, and aluminum is used for the generator. Smaller amounts of other metals, such as lead, zinc, and chromium, are also used.


When recycling wind turbines, the first step is to remove all the non-metal parts, such as the blades, housing, and control panel. The next step is to chop up the metal parts into small pieces. The metal is then sold to scrap dealers.


The price of scrap metal fluctuates, depending on the supply and demand. The three main factors that affect the price of scrap metal are the production of new metal, the demand for new metal, and the price of oil.


Looking into the future some organizations like WindEurope and Re-wind are exploring new ways to ensure the giant wind turbine blades don’t end up in landfills.  Some of these alternative recycling solutions are turning them into cement, using the blades in civil engineering projects or producing them into pellets to be used in carpentry applications.


Because of the explosion of wind turbine usage, it is vitally important that we avoid feeding landfills and decrease carbon dioxide emissions by recycling wind turbines and picking up scrap metal.


Certified Surplus Metals makes the disposing of wind turbine parts, including the large blades, as painless and cost effective as possible. We travel to you for our wind turbine scrap metal pick up services. We break down the equipment, handle the transportation, and take care of wind turbine blade disposal. You receive competitive compensation that is hopefully used towards new, more advanced and efficient wind turbine technology.


Request a wind turbine recycling quote.


We Pickup Anywhere in the USA


We pay cash for your carbon metal slip ring brushes.


Vestas, ABB, and Siemens-Gamesa have the highest value.


How to determine if your wind turbine, motor, or generator Carbon Brushes have Recycling Value at our facility:

  • Brushes with metal content are usually 5-10 times more expensive than standard graphite brushes.

  • Brushes with metal content will always be heavier than plain carbon brushes.

  • Brushes that have metal value when processed at our carbon brush recycling center are usually in signal transfer, weather exposed, corrosive areas or in low voltage, voltage drop situations.

  • Brushes that have metal content have a lighter color than a plain carbon brush.

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